Architect : Sharmi Ram

                       Client : Mr. Shrey & Mrs.Pooja

    Location : Madurai, India

    Area : 4000 Sq.ft

  Project Year : 2017

Project Category : Commercial – Retail - Ongoing

This is one of our interesting projects with a young and vibrant client. We were assigned to convert the terrace space of their office into a Stone lounge with a coffee shop. The stone lounge offered a different scope from traditional retail spaces.

We wanted to create an interesting steel roof for the stone lounge so as to attract the people through the highway and tourists from Taj Gateway Hotel.

We have designed a coffee shop on the lounge floor, so the customers can come into our lounge, take a look at all the product displays while having a sip of coffee and enjoy the whole experience.

We will have separate functional displays for each material – Sandstone lounge, Granite lounge, Slate stone lounge, Marble lounge and wooden lounge.